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All of the 150 temples you’ll find while browsing this page have one thing in common. They are all easy to customize. A real-time preview allows you to see what the invitation will look like before you order. This gives you the flexibility to try out multiple designs. Once you’ve settled on a design you’re all set.

So what are you waiting for? There are thousands of templates to pick from! Here are small sampling of the most popular templates.

Wedding Shower Themes

A bridal shower comes in a number of different variants.

While everybody knows the traditional bridal shower there is another style that is equally as popular. One that opens up a lot of different possibilities. And provides happy loving couples with the chance to celebrate the shower together.

This is with the wedding shower. A wedding shower may be seen as a couples shower. Or a co-ed version of the bridal shower.

As everybody knows a bridal shower is only celebrated and attended by women. A wedding shower provides both women and men the opportunity to join together and honor the bridal couple before the wedding.

When you look around you will see a lot of different styles for bridal shower invitations. These templates give you lots of neat ways to style the shower, however, when it comes to wedding showers, the selection is a little bit smaller. One of the reasons for this is because they are still fewer styles of wedding shower being celebrated. This is changing, but the number of couples hosting a wedding shower is still smaller than the traditional bridal shower. Just like when you search for the right style of templates for your wedding invitations you will need to find one that suites the style of the event.

Making Wedding Plans

One aspect of wedding showers is they tend to be more neutral. You can see just how many great options you have for your wedding shower invitations when you browse the site. There are literally hundreds of templates you can use for your celebration.

And your creativity is one of the most useful resources you have when it comes to planning a successful shower party.

If you find yourself wondering what will make a good theme for the couples shower then it is helpful to see what others have done for their celebrations.

You will learn that there are a number of advantages that come along with planning a wedding shower, some of which are only present with these co-ed bridal showers. Some of these are:

  1. A mixed set of guests means that you have more options for activities and games;
  2. A wedding shower generally means that you will have less to plan, prepare and obtain;
  3. Wedding showers are usually more affordable than many of the bigger styles of bridal shower.

The list of benefits is a lot longer. And there will be some that only pertain to your shower situation. Does this sound tempting? It is pretty easy to see why many hostesses have taken the queue and have gone the wedding route. And when it comes to the perfect invitation template you will find it right here.


Need help fining the perfect invitation? Here are a few helpful tips that will save you time and energy while shopping the site.

  1. Theme

    Are you planning a specific theme? Today a bridal shower is much more than a time set aside to prepare the bride-to-be for her future life. It is an opportunity for friends and family to gather together. Enjoy each other’s company.

    In other words it is a party. And parties have themes. No matter what type of party you’re throwing you’ll want to relay its theme in your invitation. Finding a fitting template can be challenging. That’s why we have collected some of the most popular party themes together in easy to view categories.

  2. Color Scheme

    Most people have a favorite color. As the Maid of Honor you may want to choose a template that includes the Guest of Honor’s favorite.

    Either in whole or in part an invite can convey a lot through the subtle use of colors. If this is important to the theme of the shower more can be done with color than you can include in the text.

  3. Paper Quality

    Paper quality says a lot for the invitation printed on it. Basic paper might work good for some invites it might not be the best choice for others. Select a paper type that works well with the template you select. Before you finalize your design try and view it with some of the other paper options. You might find that the paper you’ve choose might not be the best fit.

    The paper option will also update in real-time giving you a general idea of how the final print will look.

Themes and More

Freely edit thousands of ready to customize designs.

Here are just a view of the themes and styles you’ll find while browsing the site. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here there why not try a search.